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Written by Synapse XT on Dec. 6, 2020
head and neck to search for possible causes of ringing in the ears - Tinnitus cures that work. Tests consist of: As part of the test, you'll being in a soundproof room wearing earphones through which will be played particular sounds into one ear at a time. You'll show when you can hear the noise, and your outcomes are compared to results thought about normal for your age - Tinnitus cures that work.
Written by Eleanor on Oct. 15, 2018
Excellent site web. Very interesting !
Written by Opal on Sep. 27, 2018
Nice website, continue like that, great stuff indeed!
Written by Ysabel Dacosta on Mar. 23, 2013
Mette you are so talent.. All of them are great - Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!
Written by Colleen on Apr. 25, 2012
Wow!! We had no idea that you were so talented Metta. Beautiful paintings with so much inspiration. Great website as well.

Colleen and Catherine
Written by Joel Hubscher on Jan. 25, 2012
GREAT WORK and excellent web site!!!!
Written by Nicole on Oct. 28, 2011
Nice work!
Written by Thina on Oct. 28, 2011
Din side ser da bare godt ud, håber du for mange salg ud af den. Held og lykke med projektet.

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01.08 | 06:04

I realy like your paintings, please inform when you have an exhibition
Shawn Johnson

03.03 | 07:39

Awesome paintings Ms.Mette


26.01 | 11:22

I absolutely LOVE this one!

24.12 | 14:02

Absolutly LOVE your paintings,